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Understanding stage theory continues to be a competitive advantage that grounds coaches in discerning exactly how to meet their clients where the client makes meaning.

Have you ever wanted more depth around a particular stage, whether for a client or for your own development, without needing to attend a day long or multi-day class?

Now you can attend a three-part webinar on each of these stages: Skill-centric, Self-determining, Self-questioning, Self-actualizing. Each webinar series consists of three 60-minute sessions that cover the basics of the stage such as common concerns and blind spots, resources that coaches can use with each stage, meaningful coaching moves as well as time for case studies and Q&A. You can select just one stage or any combination of stages.

Sign up for one, or any combination of webinars.
Skill-centric (Expert) stage: 3 sessions: Mondays: April 16, 23 & 30, 2018 4pm-5pm ET
Self-determining (Achiever) stage: 3 sessions: Mondays: May 7, 14 & 21, 2018 4pm-5pm ET
Self-questioning (Pluralist/Individualist) stage: 3 sessions: Mondays: June 4, 11 & 18, 2018 4pm-5pm ET
Self-Actualizing (Strategist) stage: 3 sessions: Mondays: July 9, 16 & 23, 2018 4pm-5pm ET

$295 for one 3-session webinar; $590 for two; $795 for three; $1090 for all four. To qualify for the discounts you need to register and pay for all webinars at one time.

Register at beyourowncoach.com.
Participants receive a recording of the webinar.

Denver, Colorado, June 26-28, 2018

This workshop is foundational for anyone interested in learning and applying the adult development framework in their coaching, consulting, teaching, leading, (and their lives). Coaches, consultants, and leaders alike benefit from this deep dive into how adults develop and make meaning. Participants earn 17.75 ICF CEUS for this three-day ICF-accredited course. The Maturity Assessment Profile (MAP) is required for participation in this course. To take the MAP, contact Chris Wahl, chris@mirogroup.net, or Barbara Braham, Barbara@BBraham.com. Presented by Chris Wahl, MCC, and Barbara Braham, MCC. For further information on the workshop, visit our website: www.beyourowncoach.com.

New Venue: Briar Patch Bed and Breakfast Inn, Middleburg, VA
September 26-28,2017

SOLD OUT! Thank you for your interest and support! We will offer this again in 2018, stay tuned to this site for dates.
Our Transitions workshop in a retreat setting – per your requests!! Well, this is it, we’ve found the place! The Briar Patch B&B is 20 minutes from Dulles Airport. The workshop will start at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, September 26, and complete at lunchtime on Thursday, September 28, 2017. This popular workshop on Postconventional Transitions is for coaches who want to better understand developmental transitions, and be more informed and grounded when working with clients who are in transition. Developmental transitions nearly always impact the way your clients see their work, relationships, life. From experience we can tell you that our culture rarely supports transitions, developmental or otherwise, in the way people need to be supported, and as coaches we can play a big role in easing the path of transition for our clients if we can help them gain perspective and anticipate what to expect. For registration information, visit our website, www.beyourowncoach.com.

SPRING RETREAT UPDATE: A sell-out crowd for our Spring retreat! We had a full group of deep listening, fun-loving, meaning-making, thoughtful and beautiful women at our Spring retreat in Middleburg, VA. The retreat was based on the work of Mark Nepo and his terrific, thought-provoking book, 7000 Ways to Listen. More retreats coming in the future – stay tuned!

WEBINAR UPDATE: In March, Barbara and I offered a comprehensive webinar series that invited participants to do a deeper dive into each stage. We started with the Skill-Centric (former Expert) stage and ended with the Construct-Aware (former Magician) stage, in August 2017. Three sessions were devoted to each stage. Participants were extremely satisfied, according to the feedback we received. Check this site for upcoming dates – to be determined, but definitely will happen! It was too much fun to not do again!

Other News and Happenings

TAKE THE MAP (Maturity Assessment Profile) The MAP assessment is now a go-to assessment for leaders who recognize that complexity is a way of life, their jobs have much on the line, and their development is necessary to meet the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) environment that organizations operate in today. Highly researched, the MAP gives leaders a picture of the territory of development: what helped them get to where they are today, and what they need to do to continue to develop. It encompasses a leader’s world view, and thought-and-emotion styles. Dealing with complexity requires developing broader perspectives and intentionally practicing seeing ‘what is’ and beyond ‘what is.’

Leaders who take the MAP receive a comprehensive document that includes a focused and tailored personal report/narrative that describes what is unique to the leader, and important for the leader now, along with statistics that show where the leader is relative to leaders in the research base. The report also includes suggestions for the leader to continue in his/her growing edge.

To take the MAP, contact Chris Wahl at chris@mirogroup.net. The cost of the MAP, the narrative+informational report, and a debrief with Chris is $950.

ONGOINGOFFER: Retreats for Clients

Taking clients on their own personal leadership intensive/retreat continues to be a meaningful and productive offer for clients interested in accelerated development. A client who was in the midst of a career transformation went on a retreat with me and my colleague, Kate Ebner. The title of this retreat,  “Grace Under Pressure,” was specially tailored for our client.  Our client chose this topic and explored it in a deep and pragmatic way. The retreat ended up being so powerful – the client experienced many insights and figured out the best way to apply them. And the retreat acted as a real cleanser for unproductive thoughts! Our client engaged in a big and courageous examination of story – what serves and what doesn’t. This work led to what I’d call ‘grounded buoyancy’ ~ offering the client optimistic and grounded clarity for expectations, intentions, and practices for new ways of being. And, as a result, the client’s ensuing job search was focused, enabling her to find and accept a high-level position that satisfied her parameters for challenge and work/life balance.

We say YES to requests to offer our seminars in your city.

If you are interested in sponsoring an adult development workshop in your city, contact me via email, Chris@mirogroup.net.