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Keep Your Promises to Self

You are remarkable, and maybe you know that, maybe you don’t. We all have the potential to feel remarkable, and one of the best ways to do that is to keep the promises you make to yourself, on your behalf. People who do that are, to me, beautifully inspiring! Example:  I was with a colleague today … Read More

The “Dream Clean” – Part II

Purging my office has been the work of the week. I started in one corner, found amazing little treasures that I remembered once I saw them (like my true-to-life Mont Blanc pen), but had forgotten in general. So far I’ve been ruthless about letting go of things I no longer need. And I have two … Read More

My *Dream Clean* is on the horizon

I’ve never taken much concentrated time off. I’ve done short vacations and short retreats. And, in the last year or two I have heard myself speak at conferences, in workshops, and in many colleague conversations, where I’ve encouraged thinking about the value of timing out, taking a retreat, honoring needed time to reflect and create. … Read More