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Turning Corners II

Personally, turning corners is always welcome. It always means that whatever I’ve been struggling with – be it how to focus my work, what to write about, how to create more connection with my busy adult children, or how to think about who I am – (and by the way, that list could go on … Read More

Anchored by My Spiritual Practice When 2014 Ended with an Unexpected and Difficult Bang

November 29, 2014. “This is Fairfax Hospital ER.  Your husband has had a bicycle accident and is very confused.” This is the call that everyone dreads, me especially.  Five years ago my husband had a serious accident bike accident, where he was hospitalized for five days. Ever since, I notice in me a pretty constant, … Read More

Update on the “Dream Clean”

It has been a fabulous month of retreating into my own history and vibrant life. As someone who has been hawking the value of a retreat for many years, and who has also taken some retreats, I can only say again: it’s really worth it. Not only do I have a clean office, rid of … Read More

The “Dream Clean” – Part II

Purging my office has been the work of the week. I started in one corner, found amazing little treasures that I remembered once I saw them (like my true-to-life Mont Blanc pen), but had forgotten in general. So far I’ve been ruthless about letting go of things I no longer need. And I have two … Read More