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A New Year Practice

It’s already February. But it’s not too late! For what, you may ask? This will surprise you. Every second Monday, our poetry group meets. In our first meeting of 2018, we shared, during our check-in, what we were thinking about for 2018. Not resolutions. No. Maybe intentions for 2018. The conversation meandered some. What caught … Read More

Perfection Robs You

…of your wholeness. Yes, your wholeness. I see this again and again. The client who has to have everything be perfect. The colleague who can’t let go and say “good enough” when “good enough” is already excellent. The family member who demands so much that the family is at times held hostage by the perfectionist’s … Read More

Turning Corners II

Personally, turning corners is always welcome. It always means that whatever I’ve been struggling with – be it how to focus my work, what to write about, how to create more connection with my busy adult children, or how to think about who I am – (and by the way, that list could go on … Read More

Anchored by My Spiritual Practice When 2014 Ended with an Unexpected and Difficult Bang

November 29, 2014. “This is Fairfax Hospital ER.  Your husband has had a bicycle accident and is very confused.” This is the call that everyone dreads, me especially.  Five years ago my husband had a serious accident bike accident, where he was hospitalized for five days. Ever since, I notice in me a pretty constant, … Read More

Update on the “Dream Clean”

It has been a fabulous month of retreating into my own history and vibrant life. As someone who has been hawking the value of a retreat for many years, and who has also taken some retreats, I can only say again: it’s really worth it. Not only do I have a clean office, rid of … Read More


About 25 years ago, one of my dear colleagues gave me a beautiful, hand-made Christmas tree ornament made from cloth ~ a woman with a full skirt topped by a face and a head of long, crazy hair.  I called her my “hair-on-fire” ornament, and my colleague more or less said that was why he … Read More