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Interconnectedness and Hate

“When you understand interconnectedness, it makes you more afraid of hating than of dying.” These words by Robert A.F. Thurman from Rising to the Challenge: Cool Heroism showed up in my inbox today from Daily Dharma as something to reflect on. Given our political climate and the most recent bloodshed in Orlando, interconnected seems to be … Read More

Leaders: Hold a Development Agenda

Talk about Leadership Complexities! Last week I interviewed Bob Anderson, creator of the Leadership Circle Profile, for the radio program hosted by Georgetown’s Institute for Transformational Leadership. (You can find the interview online at Voice America Radio, “Inside Transformational Leadership.”) Very interesting conversation, as expected. Bob is a brilliant, honest, far-seeing man, and he cares … Read More


About 25 years ago, one of my dear colleagues gave me a beautiful, hand-made Christmas tree ornament made from cloth ~ a woman with a full skirt topped by a face and a head of long, crazy hair.  I called her my “hair-on-fire” ornament, and my colleague more or less said that was why he … Read More