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Meet Yourself Where You Are

I was having a conversation with a client who has demonstrated extraordinary learning and achievement in the years I’ve known her.  A hard charger who gets things done, she has been promoted rather rapidly and has recently embarked on a learning journey to hone her management, teaming, and leadership skills. At her boss’s encouragement, she … Read More

Leaders: Hold a Development Agenda

Talk about Leadership Complexities! Last week I interviewed Bob Anderson, creator of the Leadership Circle Profile, for the radio program hosted by Georgetown’s Institute for Transformational Leadership. (You can find the interview online at Voice America Radio, “Inside Transformational Leadership.”) Very interesting conversation, as expected. Bob is a brilliant, honest, far-seeing man, and he cares … Read More

Stymied by the Diplomat Stage?

This week, two different coaches presented me with a client case where, after some conversation, our hypothesis about each client was that they were at the Diplomat stage.  In each case, the coach was struggling to figure out what mattered to the client and what might work to help the client “unstick.” Hypothesizing the Diplomat stage … Read More