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Keep Your Promises to Self

You are remarkable, and maybe you know that, maybe you don’t. We all have the potential to feel remarkable, and one of the best ways to do that is to keep the promises you make to yourself, on your behalf. People who do that are, to me, beautifully inspiring! Example:  I was with a colleague today … Read More

Leaders: Hold a Development Agenda

Talk about Leadership Complexities! Last week I interviewed Bob Anderson, creator of the Leadership Circle Profile, for the radio program hosted by Georgetown’s Institute for Transformational Leadership. (You can find the interview online at Voice America Radio, “Inside Transformational Leadership.”) Very interesting conversation, as expected. Bob is a brilliant, honest, far-seeing man, and he cares … Read More

Anchored by My Spiritual Practice When 2014 Ended with an Unexpected and Difficult Bang

November 29, 2014. “This is Fairfax Hospital ER.  Your husband has had a bicycle accident and is very confused.” This is the call that everyone dreads, me especially.  Five years ago my husband had a serious accident bike accident, where he was hospitalized for five days. Ever since, I notice in me a pretty constant, … Read More

Stymied by the Diplomat Stage?

This week, two different coaches presented me with a client case where, after some conversation, our hypothesis about each client was that they were at the Diplomat stage.  In each case, the coach was struggling to figure out what mattered to the client and what might work to help the client “unstick.” Hypothesizing the Diplomat stage … Read More

Relaxing as a Team Coach

In a recent workshop that laid out models for team coaching and included many details about the process of coaching leadership teams, participants were wondering how to hold it all, and how to be effective when in the role of team coach. During workshop simulations where nearly impossible goals were set, those in the role … Read More

Update on the “Dream Clean”

It has been a fabulous month of retreating into my own history and vibrant life. As someone who has been hawking the value of a retreat for many years, and who has also taken some retreats, I can only say again: it’s really worth it. Not only do I have a clean office, rid of … Read More