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A New Year Practice

It’s already February. But it’s not too late! For what, you may ask? This will surprise you. Every second Monday, our poetry group meets. In our first meeting of 2018, we shared, during our check-in, what we were thinking about for 2018. Not resolutions. No. Maybe intentions for 2018. The conversation meandered some. What caught … Read More

Are You Contagious? You bet you are!

Leaders…Your mood affects others. Self-aware leaders practice noticing themselves and the impact they are having on others. It’s part of being emotionally intelligent. Self-aware leaders recognize that their mood is a critical factor in the ‘field’ they create around them. What ‘field’ are you creating? We all possess “mirror neurons” – which means that when … Read More

Interconnectedness and Hate

“When you understand interconnectedness, it makes you more afraid of hating than of dying.” These words by Robert A.F. Thurman from Rising to the Challenge: Cool Heroism showed up in my inbox today from Daily Dharma as something to reflect on. Given our political climate and the most recent bloodshed in Orlando, interconnected seems to be … Read More

Perfection Robs You

…of your wholeness. Yes, your wholeness. I see this again and again. The client who has to have everything be perfect. The colleague who can’t let go and say “good enough” when “good enough” is already excellent. The family member who demands so much that the family is at times held hostage by the perfectionist’s … Read More

Maybe I’m Amazed

“When it’s over, I want to say all my life I was a bride married to amazement. I was the bridegroom, taking the world into my arms.” These lines by Mary Oliver, from her poem “When Death Comes” have always stopped me in my tracks. In a speech I gave earlier this year, these lines … Read More

Turning Corners II

Personally, turning corners is always welcome. It always means that whatever I’ve been struggling with – be it how to focus my work, what to write about, how to create more connection with my busy adult children, or how to think about who I am – (and by the way, that list could go on … Read More

Turning Corners

In the past several weeks, clients have ‘turned corners.’ One client started to see possibilities in a new light, and this helped her unstick from an old tape.  Another client took a course that showed her something she had been blind to. A third client took a vacation, shortly after her latest performance review, that … Read More

Meet Yourself Where You Are

I was having a conversation with a client who has demonstrated extraordinary learning and achievement in the years I’ve known her.  A hard charger who gets things done, she has been promoted rather rapidly and has recently embarked on a learning journey to hone her management, teaming, and leadership skills. At her boss’s encouragement, she … Read More